Who we are


We are an online shop, which was born from a vision, a love of cooking and a dream realized.

Everything started with a small cooking blog, which soon become a more prominent one. Within a few months, at the request of her loyal readers, Marketa Pavleje, the blog’s founder and author, began to envision writing her own cookbook. She dreamed of creating something tactile and alive. The cookbook, printed on high-quality paper, contains vibrant photographs, fabric bookmarks, and a firm spine. It will stay open to the correct recipe as a proper cookbook should, and hopefully, in time will become greasy from frequent use.

Thus, our adventure began. It led us here to the creation of an e-shop that was originally only meant to sell a cookbook.

Yet, creative people and visionaries often have wild dreams and passionate spirits that can only be kept on short reins through hard work. Marketa Pavleje is one of these people. The process of writing and publishing the cookbook triggered a flow of new ideas and inspiration. Hence, Kitchenette, a brand of beautiful contemporary household accessories, was born.   

At the same time, Marketa felt the urge to inspire her clients with a fantastic collection of beautiful and useful lifestyle products for the kitchen, home, family and children. With a passion for photography and food styling, she carefully selected striking, eye-catching sets of plates, serving dishes, and table settings. Her hand-picked kitchen collections are all in line with her healthy lifestyle philosophy. There is even a bit of something special for children, too. And so, this virtual shop was created to bring beautiful things to the eyes of our readers and clients. The kinds of things that we, ourselves, truly love.