Who we are

We are a business that originated from a filled dream, great love for cooking and also to fulfill dreams of others.

Everything started with a small cooking blog , which soon became a bigger blogger. In the next couple of months, his author, with great support of visitors, longed for the release of his own cookbook. She has endeavored to create something tangible and alive. The book, which will have beautiful quality paper, will keep open as the right cookbook, will be packed with impressive photographs, have cloth bookmarks, a strong bond, and hopefully also tattered and greasy horns. And so she started the adventurous journey that brought us all this way to a store that was about to sell this book at the very beginning to go on its own way beyond conventional paths, strategies and practices.

Creative people and dreamers often have a lot of crazy ideas, and more work for these people rather takes these ideas to moderate and keep them on short reins. Markéta Pavleje, the founder of the blog, is one of those people, and the cook was not even out there when ideas and suggestions for other beautiful and modern kitchen and household accessories were born that could one day see the light of day under the Kitchenette brand. It also attracted her the need to collect all the beautiful and practical things around the kitchen, home, family, cooking, and children, turning to a place where other people from this carefully selected collection could choose. With passion for photography and foodstyling, she carefully selected beautiful photogenic sets of plates, serving and table setting. All kitchen helpers who are in agreement with her healthy lifestyle philosophy, even little for children. And so this virtual shop was created to convey beautiful things. Such things we really love.