Samura's PRO-S collection kitchen knife set
Samura MO-V Stonewash universal knife 13 cm
My first OPINEL VR N ° 07 Inox, 8 cm pink
Plastic peeler T-DUO blue
295 Kč
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Laguiole Prestige 3 cheese knives
Laguiole Innovation cheese knives 3 pcs
Oval serving board acacia large
Magnetic knife stand with stone base - nut
Forged leather case for Santoku knife 18 cm
Forged Katai knife Santoku 18 cm
Forged Katai knife Santoku 14 cm
Forged Katai cooking knife 20.5 cm
Forged Sebra set of 4 steak knives 11.5 cm
Knives set FORGED Olive 11.5 cm
Pocket knife  VR Opinel N°07 Inox, 8 cm
Peeler Opinel T-DUO wooden red
Peeler Opinel T-DUO wooden green
Luxury Line forks Black ebony
2,021 Kč
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