Weck sealing plastic cover Weck 60 mm - 5 pcs
Weck sealing plastic cover Weck 60 mm - 5 pcs

Weck sealing plastic cover Weck 60 mm – 5 pcs

Sealing plastic lid for all types of Weck glasses and Weck bottles with a diameter of 60mm. What we enjoy fresh in the summer can enjoy us cooked all year round. Just select the appropriate size of the glass or jar, add the earmuffs and clamps to it and go into it. Your delicious marmalade, chutney, compote, jam, jelly, pate or other good will be exquisitely cut out in the original Weck glasses, a German firm with a hundred–year tradition. Glasses can be used without rubber bands or as baking or cooking molds. We also offer caps individually in set of 5pcs and diameter is 60mm. Cap is compatible with glasses: 1l (for juice), 160ml, 140ml, 80ml

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Brand: Weck
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WECK was founded by J.Weck in Germany in the early part of the century. When this renowned 100-year-old company came into the market with its home-made jars, it became popular not only in Germany, Europe, but also around the world.

Weck does not care about laurels and constantly tries to improve in the field of canning research. He specializes in all issues and issues related to home preservation, develops and improves methods and innovation with the help of his experts and their long-term experience.

Weck can boast its registered trademark Weck and the logo of strawberries.