Samura BAMBOO Utility knive 15 cm

The multifunctional universal knife Samura Bamboo is an ideal tool for working on fruits and vegetables or in the preparation of various delicatessen. It can easily handle other foodstuffs as well. Due to its universal use, it becomes indispensable for every meal preparation. Its ideal properties come from a uniquely designed shape and length. It is perfect for bread cutting as well as salad preparation. Thanks to its superb sharpness and flawless balance, cutting becomes effortless, thus protecting the knife's lifespan. We recommend hand washing.

Overall Length: 34 cm
Blade Length: 15 cm
Weight: 67 g

Brand: Samura

Code: snbun15

Availability: In stock

699 Kč

About Company

We started our journey in 2003, running our first product line in partnership with Japanese companies MAC and Mcusta. Japanese philosophies and traditions run deep in the DNA of our knives. We believe that Japanese knives remain sharper and retain their edges longer, allowing them to cut better than European knives.

Yet, Japanese knives have their weaknesses. Authentic Japanese knives can be excessively hard, making them fragile, so they require special care. Many Japanese knives are also made of high-carbon steel, which tends to rust quickly. We decided to do away with these shortcomings, keeping only the main thing — Japanese cutting performance.

After experimenting for four years, we created Samura — a symbiosis of Japanese knife tradition and European reliability. Samura knives are made from the best Japanese and Swedish steel, hardened to 58 - 61 HRC. The blades have a Japanese shape and fine taper from the spine, which gives them their fantastic cutting performance. Samura knives are sharpened at an angle of 17 degrees, more than Japanese knives but less than European knives. We also use the finest modern materials for our handles.
With precision as our guiding principle, we continue to innovate. In 2008, we released our first line of ceramic knives. We are currently producing 18 knife lines as well as a wide array of kitchen accessories. Every year, we create at least three new knife lines.