Pumpkin Form

A baking mold with a pumpkin motif. Perfect design for autumn baking. Suitable for puppies or pumpkins and other sandwiches. Pumpkin Pumpkin is suitable as a Halloween decoration. The shape is health–conscious with a special Teflon surface. Nordic ware forms are great for their features and easy maintenance.

Brand: Nordic Ware

Code: 88548

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1,437 Kč

Material: cast aluminum with Teflon surface
Color: dark bronze
Dimensions: 28 x 14.6 x 7 cm
Form weight: 0.45 kg
Volume: 1.4 liter

Before use for the first time and every subsequent wash, wash with warm soapy water. Too much soaking is not recommended. Excessive degreasing of the mold is not desirable. Fill the form up to 3/4 to avoid overflow. Never use olive oil, sunflower oil or other common table oils for cleaning! We recommend using the mold removal spray that we offer. The baking mold must always be flushed with a flour or crumb! Do not use metal objects or wires.

The Nordic Ware family was founded in 1946. Founder Henry David Dalquist made his first cake baking form in 1950 and thanks to him, millions of people around the world can bake their original cakes. Nordic Ware baking molds use over 60 million people and are passed on from generation to generation. In honor of the inventions of this renowned brand, 15 November was designated as the International Day of Baking in America. We are very honored to offer these extraordinary products to customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Nordic Ware is made of solid aluminum with a special teflon layer developed by Nordic Ware. The special layer guarantees health-consciousness and excellent baking results. Unlike conventional teflon, this layer of sugar works - making the toy easy to roll and the doll will have beautiful details. Discover the difference and extraordinary quality of Nordic Ware baking molds. Nordic Ware is an innovative manufacturer that has won a number of awards, prestigious prizes for its inventions and holds a number of patents.