Natural flavor - lemon peel
Natural flavor - lemon peel

Natural flavor – lemon peel

Natural aroma of lemon peel.
Weight: 7 g

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use 0.2 g per 1 kg
0.03 g of a drop
0.16 g when spraying

Shake before using, do not consume directly. Combine with other ingredients at the recommended dosage. The product is for home and professional use. Protect from children.

Sosa has been known for several generations in Spain thanks to its high-quality confectionery products. In their assortment, you can find excellent nut products, frozen dried fruit and fruit powder, aroma and essential oils, dried and powdered dairy products, ice cream and sorbets as well as texture for molecular kitchen. Aromatic essential oils are very intense! Only 1 drop of oil is usually needed for 3 l of mass.

Nutritional value per 100 g of product:
Energy value----------------1134kj/268kcal
Total Fat -----------------------------0,25g
Of which saturated fatty acids--------------------0g
Carbohydrates -------------------------------74,58g
Of which sugar-------------------- 50,80g
Total protein --------------------- 0,1g
Salt ----------------------------------------- 0,017g
Inverted sugar, glycerin – E422, natural extract lemon peel