Multifunction Dryer CI 9013A

High Capacity Drying Machine that is a professional assistant with a modern design. It works on the principle of water removal through continuous hot air circulation and ensures that the taste and texture of the food is optimally stored during the dehydration process. It is a quiet and efficient machine with stackable trays. A great and intelligent helper for good dehydration of food not only for storage but also for activation of nutrients. You can dry fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, but also cereals, beef, chicken, fish and even prepare homemade yoghurt without preservatives. The advantage of this device is the adjustable temperature and so you can ensure the maintenance of all the important vitamins and minerals. Suitable for vitaminarians to prepare raw ingredients. TEMPORARY, WE OFFER YOU FOR A EXCELLENT PRICE. We now offer a light gray version. When buying this dryer you can also look forward to a gift from us.

Brand: Yden Group

Code: 9013A

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6,990 Kč

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The dryer has 6 floors + 2 adjustable (other floors can be expanded together, the spare plates are unfortunately not offered by the contractor)
Drying capacity: 1.38 m2
Thermostat: 35 - 70 ° C, max. Power: 500 W
Accessories: 6x mesh, 2x solid plate, 4x yoghurt plastic cup, 2x adjustable plate
Dryer Size: 44cm (W) x31.5cm (d) x37.5cm (H)
Dryer weight: 6kg
BPA free
Warranty: 24 months, only 1 year for ID / VAT ID

The air is filtered during the drying process, so pure food dehydration is guaranteed. The dryer driers at moderate temperatures, so only 3-4% of the nutrients and enzymes present in foodstuffs are lost. The drying time can be set by the timer on the digital display. The 9013A dehydrator has a modern heating element that is developed for precise temperature control and drying. The dryer contains unique air filters that prevent dust and debris from spoiling food that you just dehydrate. With ušením reduces weight and size of the food. There are no worries about spoilage in storage as opposed to frozen foods. The drying process is relatively unpretentious and does not require your permanent presence. Dehydration can be carried out overnight. Storing dried foods is energy efficient.

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