Martina Dvořáková - Mama's mist with snowflakes

Martina Dvořáková – Mama's mist with snowflakes

Cookbook without gluten and meat for the whole family. Going to a gluten–free diet is most unavoidable for many people, and often a fearful one. Even Martina's author suddenly opened the door to the unknown when the signs of intolerance to gluten showed her husband Honza. But she faced the challenge. After a long series of experiments, it began to produce fair, even more obstinate and excellent results. It has found amazing raw materials that are commonly available in the Czech Republic but are often lacking in family pillows – amaranth, buckwheat, sorghum, tapioca, corn, millet and many other varieties of crops, making the kitchen without gluten much richer than conventional wheat can really enjoy it. Whether it's an allergic or not. Each of these raw materials requires a different approach and processing, creating the book Mama Mills, a family gluten–free and vegetarian cookbook, in which the author describes all the important ingredients and hand over to you almost 80 wonderful recipes, proven by the entire family and publishing house.

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Fixed binding
244 pages, in Czech
Nakladatelství: Došel, 2017

Cook's Mama Mills contains traditional recipes, such as soup sauce or sweet dumplings, but especially original salads, soups, main dishes, sweets, smoothies and drinks, in which you often find not only meat and gluten but also sugar or lactose, some of the dishes are also vegan or raw.

Martina, in 9 chapters, maps the life of a regular young family who wants to enjoy at gluten-free table meats at occasions such as children's celebration, Easter, Christmas, brunch, Sunday lunch, anniversary celebration or picnic. He tells what he does when the family is ill, and he also handles his dad in the kitchen.