Hanka Zemanová – New Bio cookbook by Hanka Zemanová

Hana Zeman's original bio–cook was first published in 2005. Right afterwards, she was awarded the Best Cookbook of the Year 2006. Since then, she has become a bestseller among healthy chefs. Sold over 33,000 pieces! The author has decided to completely redesign the Biocouple so you can find up–to–date information about organic food, new nutritional trends and organic farming, and draw inspiration from your everyday life. In addition, the author tells where she has moved in her diet for the last ten years and what she likes to cook at home. It will introduce you interesting organic farms and significant ecological projects. With the help of a number of experts, they objectively evaluate new trends in nutrition (eg raw, gluten–free food, superfoods, etc.) and advise on how to make them aware and how to make their own views. The book offers 80 recipes.

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Number of pages: 336, fixed link
Year of issue: 2016

Hank's approach shows how to eat and live healthy and in accordance with common sense. This makes healthy cooking easy and natural. From the book you will learn how to enrich the diet and start using the unforgettable, yet great foods such as legumes, mainly chickpeas, beans, red lentils, peeled mungo, full grain cereals such as muesli, sorghum, unleavened, spelled, buckwheat or unconventional , new gluten-free gluten on the Czech market, such as red lentils or yellow pea flour.

Hanka has prepared over 80 new recipes for this book. The new bio cookbook is designed for those who already have the original Biocouple at home, thanks to completely unique information and new recipes.

Many recipes are gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan, but they do not avoid even good meat. Try the summer zucchini-dahlia, bark beetle, lentil burger, peanut flour, gluten-free cookies, barley pancakes or turkey biokruff according to David Šašek's excellent chef and nutrition therapist (who is a member of the Alliance of Nutrition Advocates) some, especially meat recipes, worked together. The book is designed for both beginners in the field of healthy cooking and for advanced ones.