Glasses clear

Simple glasses may never go out of fashion. It suits everything. On a festive table, but even on a lesser noble occasion. Do not be afraid to fill them with ice to the edge and serve them in summer lemonade, water, but they will also serve as a drink for alcoholic beverages. Dimensions: height – 8.5 cm We recommend only fine hand washing. The product can not be used in a dishwasher or microwave oven.

Brand: House Doctor

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The story of Nicholas Vahé

Born in Amiens, northern France. He learned as a chef and pastry chef at Pic restaurant in Valence, a 3-star Michelin restaurant. Later he trained at Daniel Giraud - one of the best in his field - and became a chocolatier. In 2000, he came to Denmark and began to work as a confectioner at Falsled Kro on Fyn Peninsula, where he spent three more years. Then he became a confectioner in Fakkelgårdden in southern Jutland.

Work that makes sense

He worked his work and life experiences in 2007 when he founded his own brand. It manufactures and sells not only top-quality food, but also products that are missing or not available on the market in the quality that Nicolas Vahe would have imagined. It works closely with raw materials producers in France and Italy, ensuring consistent high quality and good taste.