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Simple recipes and fantastic foods for a healthy lifestyle. Continuing the Cookbook Delightfully with Ella is not just such an ordinary recipe list as many other books of this type. It's not a boring talk about any other diet. It is a very interesting book, which will help us to enjoy natural food while giving the body what it needs most. In addition, the author is aware of the complexity and hurry of the present day and therefore has taken care to make her recipes easy and quick to prepare. It is a unique publication that allows people to improve their quality of life without much effort. We also offer the first book – Delightfully with Ella. Year and issue: 2016 Number of pages: 256 Binding: fixed Format: 170x234 mm Language: in Czech

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Ella had never imagined a life without sugar. He knows, therefore, how difficult it is to change his eating habits. Her DELICIOUSLY ELLA blog should not be missed! Each month, two million readers from around the world visit it. Ella's inspiration draws on her own experiences and insights that helped her to heal herself simply by means of an appropriate diet. It's incredible how many different dishes you can make using very simple ingredients and how easy it is to replace your favorite dishes with their healthy variants.
Most of all, Ella wants you to show that this way of eating is not at all based on renunciation or starvation. It is essential to adopt a positive and healthy lifestyle.

A few words from Elly ...

my name is Ella. It was great to find out how many of you are cooking and eating natural foods with the same enthusiasm as me! We do a great job for our bodies!
Setting up a blog was a way for me to deal with a relatively rare disease called Postural Tachycardia Syndrome. The doctors diagnosed her in September 2011. This disease had a devastating impact on my life. I could not even go out on the street because of her! I was sleeping 16 hours a day, endless bouts of heart pounding, constant pains, unbearable stomach troubles, headaches - so I could go on. It was all, not funny! For about six months, I tried to treat the disease with traditional medicine, but it had almost no impact on my symptoms, and 95% of the time I was trapped in my bed. So I decided that it was time to change everything from the bottom. I began to be interested in holistic medicine and natural healing. This has led me to change eating habits. From day to day I switched to a diet based on natural foods of plant origin. I completely stopped eating meat, dairy products, sugar, gluten, refined food, and chemical additives. It was a change for me by 180 degrees. Before that I never eat fruit or vegetables! My menu consisted of ice cream, chocolate, peanut butter, jelly, muesli and pasta. I was dependent on sugar! Everything you find on my site is the result of what I have learned and what led to my healing. In any case, I'm not a trained cook. I am totally self-taught and my recipes are the result of many attempts and mistakes!
In 2013, I got a master's degree in art history at St Andrews University and then I returned home to London, where I work on many incredibly interesting projects. I have released a very successful iPhone and Android app (found on iTunes and Google Play). I organize cooking classes and meetings of culinary clubs. I am currently studying Natural Dietetics at the College of Natural Medicine.