Ella Woodward – Delight with Ella and Friends

We offer you the highly anticipated sequel to the Ella Woodward bestseller Ella Woodward series of Delicious cooks, Ella Woodward, who took the entire culinary world by attack. Enjoy another batch of Elly Woodward's wonderful and healthy recipes along with family and friends, no matter what occasion you've met. Whether you plan to have lunch together, a gala dinner, or just afternoon sittings with friends, you'll find recipes for every occasion in this recipe. They all adhere to the principles of healthy nutrition and the author of the philosophy of healthy, delicious and prepared dishes. The book is full of ideas and inspiration for every occasion: celebratory feasts, birthday parties, picnics, corporate parties and weddings. The book is for everyone who prefers a healthy lifestyle and likes her with friends and family. BUTTONS IN STOCK !!!

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