Vitamix A3500 stainless steel

We are happy to offer you the ultimate innovations. By combining the most advanced design with performance and precision, Vitamix introduces new high performance revolutionary wireless technology (NFC) mixers to deliver maximum comfort and versatility today and for years to come. Vitamix Ascent mixers are more than smart. They are made to last, are intuitive and ready for the future. Vitamix® Ascent ™ Series mixer series will help you create the best quality food in the comfort of your home. As the first high performance mixers with built–in timer and wireless connectivity, these devices will deliver maximum comfort and versatility anytime in the future. Every purchase of this Vitamix will give you a gift from us.

Brand: Vitamix

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23,990 Kč

high performance   2.2HP   |   37,000 rpm
Weight: 6.8 kg
Warranty: 10 years
Color: Stainless
Mixing vessel capacity: 2 L
Voltage: 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz


  • engine base - Vitamix A3500 mixer
  • container for liquid raw materials 2 l
  • sweeper to a 2 liter container
  • Czech instructions
  • book of recipes in German
  • book Introduction to Perfect Mixing in Czech

FEATURES Vitamix A3500i Ascent Series:

  • Touch control - Clean the perfectly neat flat control panel with a single wipe.
  • The NFC automatically detects programs and the maximum mixing times according to the vessel size.
  • The Magnetic Safety Lock (Interlock) does not allow start without locking the lid.
  • 5 preset programs allow you to conveniently walk away and engage in other activities during mixing while always achieving the same perfect results. Preset programs: smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soups, dip / spreads, self-cleaning.
  • Optional Speed ​​+ Pulse Button - Choose any texture yourself ... from pieces to smooth purée.
  • Built-in and programmable timer - ensures you get your favorite consistency every time you mix. The possibility of programming prevents excessive or insufficient remixing of recipes.
  • Tough stainless steel blades ensure the same quality of mixing for years.
  • The metal carrier allows safe and durable connection of the motor and the knife units.
  • The mixing bowl has a low profile so it can fit under each upper cabinet of the kitchen unit. The dish can be dishwasher-safe!
  • Transparent cover for easy mixing control. The container and lid are made of BPA Free Tritan.
  • Surface treatment of engine base - brushed stainless steel.



  • It blends perfectly smoothly (smoothies, fresh, juices, etc.). Liquid any raw material (leaves, baking powder , micro fiber). Cuts and rotates any pieces (cabbage, onion, nuts).
  • Beads and emulsifies (whipped cream, mayonnaise, cream, etc.).
  • Prepares hot soups (you do not need a stove).
  • My flour and seeds (smooth, rough and loamy).
  • Crushes, shreds and milks (coffee, breadcrumbs, meat, etc.).
  • Bake pastry pastry (homemade pizza and bread, etc.).
  • Produces ice cream and sorbet (frozen desserts and sheeps).
  • Buns (great and healthy homemade butter).