Transfer of the film "Zebra"

The transfer of the film is used to transfer the decorative pattern to the surface of the chocolate. Working with them is not difficult. On one side of the foil is a layer of cocoa butter (that is, the side that is not shiny), therefore care must be taken to minimize contact with the fingers when handling. It is on this side that we apply chocolate, we lay on unrestrained truffles or we put it in a magnetic form so that this side is a film in contact with chocolate. You can also apply hot chocolate to a thin layer on the foil, let it cool down and then pivot. Such a plate can be engraved or trimmed and served as a decoration for cakes, desserts or even candy. It can also be trimmed before it is moistened and shaped differently so you can create a chocolate bowl. Find more tips below. The films are also compatible with magnet molds for pralines that have a removable magnetic bottom. Then the foil is placed between the bottom and the glossy side down. These magnetic forms are also available in our store. The package contains 3 pieces. The size of one film is 26.5cm x 12.3cm

Brand: Chocolate World

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Composition: sugar, colour E171, colour E132, colour E129*, colour E102**, soy lecithin

*this colour contain more than one colour of AZO

**Please note: Southampton colors can adversely affect children's activity or attention

According to EU 1169/2011 vegetable fats used as carriers don't require labeling.In this light, those carriers are not shown in the % composition, resulting in a total < 100%.

Chemical data and Legal data (calculated according to EU Directive 2000/36/EC) - moisture max. 0,4.

Foils are disposable.
Keep cool, dry and dark.

Tip for using a film with a magnetic strip mold
1. Open the magnetic form. Put the foil printed side up with the glossy side down and close the mold.
2. Fill the form with chocolate and filling as with other praline molds.
3. Cool the mold, remove the bottom and remove the foil.
Tip for decorating pralines without mold or other confectionery
1. Place the pralines on the grid.
2. Praline chocolate chocolate.
3. Apply transfer film.
4. Cool the pralines and remove the foil.
... here are some practical advice
You can apply dissolved chocolate to a whole or even cut foil, or carefully cut the resulting sheet with a sharp knife if you want different shapes and the like.
Do not choke to chocolate, if you remove the foil too soon, the pattern will be blurred.
Let the chocolate really cool down, too hot chocolate will dissolve the pattern on the foil (it is made of cocoa butter that easily responds to the change in temperature).
Working with white chocolate is more demanding because it fades faster. For the first film transfer attempts, choose a light motif that better stands out for dark chocolate.
If a 3D theme (such as a chocolate bracelet) stiffens faster or you have left it harder and you no longer work with it, it's not all lost. It will help you hair dryer and warm the chocolate with foil at a low degree, but only from the side where there is no pattern.
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