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TIMANTTI tablecloth 150x220

Gently patterned white linen tablecloth. A beautiful product from Finnish textile company Lapuan Kankurit. Design Aoi Yoshizawa

Brand: Lapuan Kankurit

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Material: lenticular, white
Perte separately at 40 ° C for a gentle program in large quantities of water. Do not smoke, do not use fabric softener and bleach. Do not sneak in the dryer. Moist to the original shape. The material can be crushed after approx. 5%.

Aio Yoshizawa was born in Tokyo, now works in Helsinki. It is a peak in woven textiles and connects Japanese minimalism with Finnish simplicity. We fell in love with her cloth.

Lapuan Kankurit is a traditional Finnish family business founded in Lapua in 1917, when Finland was established. Long years of experience in the textile area, together with Finnish precision and family backgrounds, bring the products high quality and at the same time a bit of Finnish originality. Every meter of fabric tells a unique story of Finnish weaving craft.

Lapua Textile Factory is being run by the fourth generation of weavers, currently run by Mr. Esko Hjelt and his wife Jaan. Lapuan Kankurit products are successful thanks to the use of modern weaving techniques and the creativity of leading Finnish designers. Equally important is a responsible approach to the environment, people, nature and traditions.

Lapuan Kankurit is the only weaving mill in Finland that can boast of the European masters of linen textiles . This international organization grants only the high quality textiles produced in the European Union. The bio-cotton is used and only comes from certified sources from Europe.

The products are labeled with the Finnish Flag of Made in Finland, which guarantees Finnish origin, and several products have received the prestigious Finnish Muoto award for their design.