Goodbyn Uno Blue Thermonad

Beautiful and especially ecological food thermos can make you more pleasant when you have to eat on the road, away from home or at work. You can prepare meals at home, of course, or take them to your favorite bistros to reduce the waste you use. It will also be great for a picnic where you need to keep the food warm or cold. Goodbyn Thermonads keep food warm up to 7 hours, cold up to 9 hours. This smaller Goodbyn Uno canister (without glass top) is ideal for children as well. Volume: approx. 350 ml 97% recyclable, easily washable by hand

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999 Kč

Goodbyn products are 97% recyclable (those parts that are not recyclable, in this case a silicone sealant and a cord for better handling and wearing can be reused).

All Goodbyn products are made to be easily disassembled, washed, cleaned and then folded again, and there is no smell of food after long-term use. Of course, it is necessary to wash the thermonads well, so that no food remains in them.