Stone gravel deep gray gray

Earthenware crockery directly invites you to serve wonderful treats. It is so rustic but also solemn. In a deep stoneware platter, you can serve not only soups, but also, for example, salads or salads placed in the middle of the table. Fresh vegetables or fruit will also be excellent on it. Dimensions Diameter: 21.5 cm, Depth: 4.5 cm The product can not be used in a microwave oven. The product can be dishwasher–safe. Material: 100% stoneware

Brand: House Doctor

Code: Ch0901

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365 Kč

House Doctor is a home doctor. This name is borne out by a very successful Danish designer company that is guided by the motto "Everybody deserves a thriving and healthy home." It was founded in 2001 by three siblings, the shrubs are also the main creative and designers of the whole society.

As he claims, he seeks to find the right "cure" for every home, with respect to the individuality and needs of each "patient", and to create a so-respected style for his own home. That's why House Doctor is very personal, but he is also provocative and informal. They believe in combining different elements and styles, rather than in perfect tuning.

As has been said, everybody can help House Doctor create his own distinctive style that will accompany him with everyday life.

The creators even warn with exaggeration on their site: " Our products are highly addictive and can cause heartbeat - even in small doses!"