Starter stick with bowl ∅ 16 cm

A stainless steel sieve with a white glazed bowl made of high quality ceramics was invented primarily to germinate seeds that can not be grown normally in a glass or other germinating pots. This is mainly the seeds of cress, arugula, mustard, chia and flax. Most of these seeds, after soaking, create a gel around them, so it is not possible to rinse them as needed in the jars. This system allows easy cultivation and flushing of heated plants. First soak the seeds for 15 minutes in water (1 teaspoon to the spoon according to the size of the saucer), then pour the water through the strainer and spread evenly with the knife on the sieve. The first two days leave the seeds still covered, for example, with a soup dish, so that it does not dry out and twice a day it grows with a spraying device. As the roots begin to grow through the strainer, the plant stabilizes and the sprouts can be rinsed twice a day with pure water, ideally in the morning and in the evening. Harvest hearty and tasty sprouts in about 5 to 8 days, depending on the type of seed. Although this system has been invented for the above–mentioned seeds, it is possible to grow other types of germ, but it is not suitable for the cultivation of cereal germs. We also offer two more size meshes.

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Why eat the sprouts

Sprouts and sprouts are a real nutritional treasure . They contain a lot of vitamins , minerals and enzymes . Especially in winter and spring, our organism is endangered by insufficient intake of fresh quality vegetables. Plant germs represent a simple and inexpensive way to enrich the diet of "green vitamins" during this period.

Sprouting Seed - Factory for nutrients

During the germination process, metabolic processes begin to develop in the seeds, which give the young plant enough nutrients. They activate enzymes and increase the content of vitamins , especially B and C, several times in them . The starches are converted into sugars, the proteins are cleaved to amino acids and fatty acids for fatty acids. Chopped seeds also contain large amounts of iron and magnesium.

Keys are a natural concentrate of health benefits, and they are much richer than dry seeds. Grain dry seeds of cereals and legumes are also hard for us to digest. Larger sprouts are also the source of chlorophyll, which has beneficial effects on the human organism.