Stainless steel ice cream – small

Whether the ice cream you are going to serve at home or not, definitely deserves stylish serving. As a pastry shop, a professional stainless steel ice–skewer with sprung handles is provided. It will make it easy for you to serve any ice cream or sorbet. It is also great for servicing rice or perhaps mashed potatoes. ∅ hill 4,9cm Can be washed in dishwasher. Warranty 12 months.

Brand: Kitchen Craft


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541 Kč

Kitchen Craft is a traditional UK company founded in 1850 as a manufacturer of iron and household goods and still under the direct descendants of its founder, Thomas Planet.

It is a company that tracks the latest trends in home and cooking, emphasizes design, and pledges to deliver high quality and inspirational products to its customers.

At present, Kitchen Craft manufactures more than 3,500 kitchen and household items. The menu offers a unique selection of products for cooking, baking, food preparation, serving as well as gift items. Even with such a huge amount of produce, Kitchen Craft specializes. Proof may be, for example, a number of premium brand products Master Class, which includes also Award-winning collection of revolutionary technology for baking Crusty Bake, which can be found in our shop.