Set of Organic Virgin Olive Oils 5x20 ml
Set of Organic Virgin Olive Oils 5x20 ml

Set of Organic Virgin Olive Oils 5x20 ml

This set of flavoured Mediterranean olive oils are a favourite in the kitchen. They are beautifully presented in 5 miniature sized bottles, perfect for one person as a gift to enjoy at lunchtime with a salad or over a night feast. The oils are obtained by pressing and crushing olives together with 100% natural and locally sourced flavourful ingredients. The set contains: Olive Oil & Basil, Olive Oil & Chilli, Olive Oil & Lemon, Olive Oil & Orange and Olive Oil & Garlic.

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Brand: Azada
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Set of flavoured olive oils 5x 20ml
Extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil (5%), Extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon (5%), Extra virgin olive oil, fresh orange (5%), Extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic (5%), Extra virgin olive oil, fresh chilli (5%)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml
Extra virgin olive oil
Olive Oil & Crushed Basil 100ml
Extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil (5%)

Best before:24 Months

Storage:Store away from light and heat

Nutrition facts (per 100g):Energy 3.700 kJ/ 900 kcal Fat 100g of which saturates: 17g Contains negligible amounts of carbohydrates, sugars, protein and salt

Story about Azada

Azada was born at the start of 2009 inspired by my childhood memories.

In the 70s my father bought an abandoned plot of land in Tivissa, province of Tarragona. The plot had a small cottage on it which was surrounded by fields of almond and hazelnut trees which had long lost their yield.

My father dreamed of restoring the plot and return to the traditional form of harvesting.

At the beginning we used only a hoe (azada in Spanish, which would later become the name of my project) to harvest the fields. During the following years we bought over 20 additional hectares on which hazelnut, cherry and olive trees could be found. We even had a small vineyard where we used to produce our very own wine. I used to make my pocket money selling our produce to the local co- operative.

Years later I distanced myself from the rural life until I missed it so much that I needed to return to my roots.

This was when I founded Azada, together with Josep Maria Mallafre.