Set of 5 bamboo strawberries

Everyday 5,000,000 plastic straws are produced in the world, so it's time to change something. Popular drinks can now be served both environmentally and in design. Although bamboo tassels can not be used infinitely, but certainly many times. It's natural material, of course, so do not forget to put a straw in a glass for a long time, or do not put it in the dishwasher. Set of 5 pcs. Waffles may have a slightly different diameter, depending on the size of the bamboo. Only fine handwashing is recommended.

Brand: Kitchenette


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199 Kč

Environmentally friendly, decomposable and beautiful wooden utensils are very popular at home.
All the pieces are made of wood with a license, so there is no illegal logging due to them.

This wooden utensil has no surface treatment, so it takes care and care and it will serve you for many years.

I think they are also very timeless and modern pieces that you will find in your home many times.