Salt Flower – Flor de Sal Tomato and fennel 60 g

A combination of two traditional Mallorcan ingredients: tomate de ramallet (hanging tomato) and hinojo marino (´sea fennel´). The tomate de ramallet, a much–loved local tomato variety, contains less water than other tomatoes and is picked before it is completely ripe. Traditionally tied in bunches which are hung in a cool, dark, well ventilated place to finish the ripening process, they are popular as a ingredient of the Mallorcan snack pamboli – bread rubbed with tomato and drizzled with olive oil.

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Salt Flor de Sal is rightly referred to as the "Queen of Salt" or also as "Caviar between Salts". This salt is very rare, because it requires great experience, patience and ideal climatic conditions. Only the interplay of the early haze, sun, and light breeze can create a thin layer of salt crystals on salt ponds (salines) that look like thin ice. It is manually collected in wicker baskets and dried in the sun. The salt thus obtained is enormously healthy and very tasty, has a unique feature to accentuate the natural flavor of meals, and has become an inseparable part of their kitchen for many world chefs. Salt flower is supplied as pure natural or enriched with various herbs, fruits, edible flowers and olives from organic production. Used to flavor ready-made meals or at the end of cooking.