Salt Flower - Flor de Sal Safran 60 g

Salt Flower – Flor de Sal Safran 60 g

The newest spice salt mixture from the Majorcan salt works is Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc Saffron. The saffron used to make this limited edition is produced in Herat, located on the ancient trade routes of the Middle East, in western Afghanistan.
Contain: 60 g
The saffron is produced by Talay Sorkh, a social enterprise dedicated to the ethical production of high quality saffron. Talay's network of farmers extends to over 200 farmers, who support an average of 7 household members with a living wage. Saffron is also a very positive alternative for the women's community in this sector, as the production process represents their labour and social integration. The Ethical Fashion Initiative is a programme of the International Trade Centre, a United Nations technical agency, which focuses on creating supply chains and developing market links for food and fashion artisans around the world. In Afghanistan, where our work is supported by the European Union, our mission is to create sustainable livelihoods through trade for more than 2,000 returnees, internally displaced persons, potential IDPs, farmers and marginalised artisans by 2020. As a spice, saffron is an excellent flavour carrier and completes every dish with its fragrant aroma and reddish colour. Saffron is found in a variety of Mediterranean recipes, especially in combination with rice, and is also frequently used in Asia. Our Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc saffron is the ideal finish for fish, seafood and poultry. It refines rice dishes such as paella.

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Salt Flor de Sal is rightly referred to as the "Queen of Salt" or also as "Caviar between Salts". This salt is very rare, because it requires great experience, patience and ideal climatic conditions. Only the interplay of the early haze, sun, and light breeze can create a thin layer of salt crystals on salt ponds (salines) that look like thin ice. It is manually collected in wicker baskets and dried in the sun. The salt thus obtained is enormously healthy and very tasty, has a unique feature to accentuate the natural flavor of meals, and has become an inseparable part of their kitchen for many world chefs. Salt flower is supplied as pure natural or enriched with various herbs, fruits, edible flowers and olives from organic production. Used to flavor ready-made meals or at the end of cooking.