Rita Galchus – Domestic sprouts

The author of the book has been dealing with seed germination for years, explaining to you how you should deal with it, clearly and surely explaining the procedures with all sorts of nurseries, from glasses to dishes and bags, answering all your questions, and advise in trouble. In the book you will also learn why homemade sprouts are healthy, tasty and safe, and get instructions on the care of germinated seeds. And, moreover, you'll find tips on what to do with all these keys! Loading is basically a simple procedure with excellent results, so do it. Maybe right after the first days, you'll be right for Rita's son. When he was still small, he said after eating the slices of the fennel of the Greek hay: "Mom, it tastes like spring".

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Vydáno: 2015
Number of pages: 160
Binding: brochure