Re–sack Net–mesh bag for fruits and vegetables / 2 pcs

Have you ever wondered how many plastic bags and bags end up in the trash every day? And after a single use? Each Czech is consuming up to 400 on average each year. In addition, plastic bags in Europe are produced at 100 billion a year. The solution for those who no longer want so much plastic at home is these reusable bags and food bags. You can keep them together and then use them to buy fruit or vegetables, pastries, but also store them at home. The bags are made of 100% biobavlna. They are very durable, you carry them a few pounds, and you will definitely not rush. And above all, by using them, you will contribute to protecting the environment. Size: 38 x 30 cm Material: 100% organic cotton The machine washable bag can be knocked down by up to 10%. Therefore, we recommend that you only wash it manually.

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Re-sack bags are made from bio-cotton and produced at fair wages. They are certified by GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard, the world standard for sustainable fabrics of BIO-grade fibers. This ensures the fulfillment of very strict criteria both for raw materials cultivation, processing, production and labeling of products, both in terms of protection of natural resources and working conditions for workers.