Oudh Incense Cones
Oudh Incense Cones Oudh Incense Cones

Oudh Incense Cones

20 fragranced incense cones in a branded WXY concrete box. Cleaner, better and fairer fragrance for your home. 100% plant–based wax candles, paraben free fragrance oils. High quality scents, realistically priced and made in the UK. Must be WXY. A fragrance made from agarwood, an ancient and well loved scent. Opens with an intense oriental note and lingers to reveal a soft, complex perfume.

Brass holder to light incense cone
With Each Purchase Of A WXY. Product We Donate 3% Of Profits To A Charitable Organisation Or Project.

689 Kč
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Brand: wxy.
Code: WXYICC04

Maegen, pronounced may-en is an Old English word meaning spiritual strength or power. A person’s maegen depends on the deeds they do. It can be lost through bad deeds and gained through good deeds. Maegen is a coming together of strengths. Designed and developed by a close knit team, passionate about beautiful products and carefully curated fragrances. At Maegen we have pulled our collective strengths together to create a range that is powerful in performance and not only looks good, but by being poured in the UK using only 100% sustainable soy wax and British made fragrances, does good too.