Necklace Long apatite & citrine - gold
Necklace Long apatite & citrine - gold

Necklace Long apatite & citrine – gold

Citrine is a yellow crystal with brownish spots or smoky gray–brown. The stone belongs to the planet Sun, an element of fire and has projective energy. It prevents nightmares and ensures a pleasant sleep. It works as an effective cleaner and regenerator, it transfers heat and energy to its owner and greatly increases his creative abilities.
Apatite increases motivation and creates energy reserves. It helps to overcome feelings of alienation, brings self–confidence and promotes openness and social well–being. It is a beneficial stone for relieving grief and anger and for reducing irritability and emotional exhaustion. It clarifies the spirit and opens our minds to new ideas. It replenishes energy. The blue color of apatite can mark the beginning of a new life and potent emotions.

Material: apatite, citrine, silver
Purity: silver 925/1000 with gold finish 925/1000 (18K)
Because the mineral is untreated, its appearance, shape and size may differ from the photo. Each piece is original.
Chain length: 80 cm (without crystals)

4,899 Kč
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Brand: Tiger Frame

The Tiger Frame brand is a beautiful combination of instinctual design and careful artistry – a spontaneous sketch transformed into eye-catching jewellery to treasure forever. Komala’s signature work is inspired by mysterious creatures – the tiger and the horse – and sparkling femininity – the stars at night and the sun as she rises. Her saddle rings and pull through earrings have become best sellers, and her delicate airmail collection reminds each wearer that home is where the heart is.

Tiger Frame invites every woman to travel further and come back stronger, to walk tall with a glint in her eye and the wind in her hair. Modern nomad, stylish eccentric, beautiful dreamer. Like the fleeting glimpse of a Tiger in the wild, these pieces are strong yet delicate, timeless and stunning.