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Necklace Eye and crystal / gray / Amethysth – gold

Necklace Eye and crystal combines gold eye and amethyst motif. Ametyst is a calming stone that supports logical thinking. It supports the immune system and has the power to eliminate negative energy from the body. The necklace is on a blue–purple string that is adjustable. Necklace with ametystem can be found in the silver version. Material: amethyst, gold plated silver

Brand: Tiger Frame

Code: TFN01GRg

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Caring for Tiger Frame Jewelry

  • jewelry should not come into contact with water, creams, perfumes or other sprays
  • always put the jewelery in special bags for it, it is important that separate jewels are separated, so as not to scratch each other (the eye motif, for example, some crystal)
  • crystals are brittle, so be careful not to rub or rust when wearing them
  • crystals can be cleaned with a simple toothbrush with a small amount of dishwashing detergent


The Tiger Frame comes from far Australia and carries a clear message. It combines the power of stones and careful arts. All the jewelery is designed by Komala Frame, influenced by the nature in which she grew up. Her suggestions are very spontaneous and instigate, inspired by everything that surrounds her. Perhaps the greatest inspiration for the animals is the Tiger and the Horse, as well as the shimmering femininity that they see as the night sky full of stars and the rising sun.

Tiger Frame jewelry is timeless, very strong but also delicate. Komala Frame is designed for women who love traveling, wind in their hair and forever remain a little dreamer.