My first OPINEL VR N ° 07 Inox, 8 cm, blue

The traditional Opinel knife with a blue–lacquered hornwood handle and a stainless steel blade with a rounded toe, equipped with a ViroBlock fuse. The blade length is 8 cm. When I thought about opening a store, this was one of the first products to attack me that I wanted to have it. My children are living with me in the kitchen, and my first opinion gave me a little greg at the very beginning of the blog story ... These tools are fully functional and thus allow children to really work in the kitchen and not just play to help. They are sharp just and with a round top are safe.

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My first OPINEL VR N ° 07 Inox, 8 cm, blue

French Opinel knife is Generation proven classic. The first Opinel knife was made in 1890 and since then these knife-knives have been renowned for their reliability, long-lasting sharpness, versatility and traditional - unmistakable shape and design. Hand cut blade made of high-quality Swedish steel, high quality and heavily varnished durable wooden handle.
My first OPINEL blade collection is designed as the first knife for children over 7 years of age, or as a picnic knife for spreading butter, slicing fruit and vegetables.

Stainless steel polished stainless steel is resistant to corrosion due to the anticorrosive properties of chromium and practically maintenance-free with excellent long lasting sharpness.
The handle is made of blue-varnished hornbeam wood and is highly varnished for increased durability.
The knife is equipped with a patented ViroBlock fuse - not only against closing the blade, but also against opening it.
Rounded blade for safe use, sharp as standard Opinel knives.

  • blade with rounded tip made of polished stainless steel
  • Handle made of red horned hornbeam wood
  • ViroBlock fuse
  • blade length 8 cm