Mixture for the preparation of fresh homemade cheese (6x10g)

This mixture is designed for the individual preparation of high quality direct–consumption cheese (short shelf life). When using a mixture of fresh homemade cheese in the Kuvings fermentor, you get a fine, soft cheese that does not have an acidic flavor like milk coagulation with vinegar or lemon juice. When separating the cheese through the filter, you get a delicious and very healthy whey as a secondary product.

Brand: Kuvings

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Bags containing a mixture of fresh homemade cheese must be stored in a dark place at temperatures up to 25 ° C.
You can modify the natural cheese and modify its flavor.

The pack contains 6 doses of rennet (per 6 liters of milk). From a single dose, make about 300 g of fresh cheese.

Ingredients: pure dairy cultures, prebiotics (inulin), rennet.
Packing: 6 x 10g
Important: If fresh or homemade milk is used for preparation, it must be heat-protected (pasteurized) beforehand by heating to at least 75 ° C. Cheese production is very important for milk quality. High-temperature pasteurized milk (UHT) is not suitable.
The package includes the production date. Expiration is about 8 months.