Milk chocolate Elianza lait 35% – Michel Cluizel 3 kg

Top chocolate with a story. Thus, in short, French chocolate from the family chocolate mill Michel Cluizel could be defined. If you love this sweet cocoa mass, it will definitely become your favorite, not just cooking. We hope that before the Christmas holidays you will also appreciate a bigger 3 kg package, which will make you a lot of sweet treats. Additionally, it's never good to have good chocolate in the kitchen cabinet so you can make it whenever you taste a sweet taste. Chocolate Michel Cluizel contains pure cocoa butter, you can not find any vegetable fats or genetically modified organisms. Tasting Notes: caramel ice cream, taste of roasted cocoa Ingredients: 35% cocoa, 37% fats, 40% sugars Ideal for: frosting, decorating

Brand: Michel Cluizel

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Michel Cluizel is a family chocolate factory in Normandy in the north of France, founded in 1948. At that time, Michel Cluizel's parents began to offer homemade chocolates in their small confectionery. Michel Cluizel then took over the sweet craft from his parents and built an enterprise where he employs up to 200 employees from the original chocolate factory. But one thing remained the same: the most important thing is first-class quality and honest work. Furthermore, Michel Cluizel passes through his 4-year-old parents who continue their chocolate career.

Michel Cluizel Chocolate Factory offers a unique range of plantation chocolates, since 1997 has been looking for new and unusual plantations in countries where quality cocoa reigns. Farmers are linked to fair relationships and pay them fair and relatively high prices.

Michel Cluizel has patented the "Nobles Ingredients" trademark - the Noble Ingredients, which means that he uses pure cocoa butter in his products, without the admixture of vegetable fats, does not use soy lecithin, and all products are 100% free of GMOs .