Light non-stick pan induction 24 cm

Light non–stick pan induction 24 cm

The brand new version of the Light pan was created to make cooking easier. This universal pan is the right solution for anyone looking for a versatile kitchen helper for every day. With less weight compared to our classic pans, it is more comfortable to handle. Made from robust, hand–cast aluminum that is extremely resistant to scratches and other damage. With a 6–7 mm thick bottom, it ensures exceptional thermal conductivity and perfect heat distribution. With up to 20% faster cooking, you retain more valuable vitamins and minerals in your ingredients.

Dimensions: height: 5 cm, ø 24 cm
Non–deformation guarantee: 3 years
Suitable for induction: yes
Care: To preserve the long–term functionality and stability of the non–stick layer, we recommend only gentle hand washing with the soft part of the sponge using ordinary detergents without abrasives.

2,599 Kč
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Code: AMTI5L24

AMT cookware heats up quickly and efficiently, resulting in lower energy costs. The unique Lotan® non-stick coating with ceramic ingredients means that fat-free cooking is easy and without the problem of food burning. The anti-corrosion layer protects the pan from aggressive cleaning agents and various acids, such as fruit or acetic acids. An additional layer enriched with mineral particles provides high wear resistance.

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