Non-stick Loose Base Fluted Rectangular Flan / Quiche Tin
Non-stick Loose Base Fluted Rectangular Flan / Quiche Tin

Non–stick Loose Base Fluted Rectangular Flan / Quiche Tin

This fluted tin is perfect for baking quiches, tarts, or fruit cakes. This traditional design is made of heavy duty steel coated with a non–stick surface. It is very easy to remove food from the tin because of it's loose base and fluted edges. This rectangular tin is part of the award–winning Master Class collection which consists of a bakeware that is guaranteed to last you years of satisfaction in the kitchen.

699 Kč
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Brand: Kitchen Craft
Code: KCMCHB55
Dimensions: 31 x 21 cm (12" x 8.5")
Material: heavy duty carbon steel 
rust resistant 
Care: dishwasher, oven, fridge, and freezer proof 
The manufacturer guarantees 5 years of adhesion, 20 years of overall durability.

An excellent recipe for inspiration:
Pear cake with almond cream


Kitchen Craft is a UK company, founded in 1850 by a man Thomas Plant, that specilazies in the manufacturing of ironmongery and household goods.  When the company was first founded, it went by the name Thomas Plant.  In 1996, the company started to go by the name Kitchen Craft because it conveys what they do as a company within the kitchen and homeware industry.

Kitchen Craft is now partnered with Lifetime Brands inc., a leading global provider for kitchenware, tableware, and homeware products.  Because Kitchen Craft works with a global organisation, they are able to track the latest trends in home and cooking, emphasize design, and pledge to deliver high quality and inspirational products to its customers.

Currently, Kitchen Craft manufactures more than 3,500 kitchen and household items. The menu offers a unique selection of products for cooking, baking, food preparation, serving as well as gift items. Even with such a wide variety of products, Kitchen Craft sells specialized items for your specific needs. For example, a number of premium brand products Master Class, which includes an award-winning collection of revolutionary technology for baking Crusty Bake, can be found in our shop.