Keepcup Fennel longplay 340 ml

If you are one of those who still enjoy their favorite drink, you will definitely appreciate the beautiful colorful Keecup. In addition, using one cup is very ecological, so you can feel great doing something for our planet and nature. You can calculate yourself how much – either plastic or paper cups – can be saved weekly by using one Keepcup. And those colors. You will certainly not be able to choose. Keepcup keeps the beverage warm for up to 20 minutes longer and is equipped with a stylish strip and a straight shutter, which makes it nothing to break even after overturning.

Brand: KeepCup

Code: LPFEN12

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679 Kč

Dimensions: 6.5 x 11.1 cm
Volume: 454 ml
Weight: 0.329 kg

Composition: tritan, tempered glass, silicone, plastic

KeepCup is a brand from Australia that is famous for producing organic mugs. These mugs, which adore the whole world, have been created primarily for reuse, with the intention of mitigating the excessive consumption of materials and the associated pollution of our environment.