Infrared dryer CI IR D5

We are now offering the latest multifunctional Yden D5 Infrared Dryer, which features, in addition to solar mode, a classic drying mode. The dryer is made of high quality and durable materials, and stainless steel drying trays are included. For the production of fruit plaques or skins, it is advisable to purchase Kitchen Craft silicone or Teflon sheets. Their size can be easily adjusted to the dryer. Hygienically clean air in the dryer is provided by the filter. For every great purchase like this, you can look forward to a gift from us.

Brand: Yden Group

Code: CI IR D5

Availability: In stock

14,990 Kč

Dimensions: 41 x 46 x 29 cm

Weight: 8kg

Drying area: 0.586 m2

Table area: 33 x 35.5 cm

Adjustable thermostat: 35 ° C - 70 ° C

Package Contents: 5x stainless steel tray, drip tray, air filter, silicone gloves

Power consumption: 500 W

Warranty: 24 months, only 1 year for ID / VAT ID

The main advantage of this latest dryer is the solar mode , which uses infrared light ( NIR ) and acts on food as well as the sun's rays . Infra red light helps keep vitamin D in food as well as other nutrients and minerals. For foods such as peaches, meat or fish, infrared radiation prevents decomposition. In this setting, you can easily prepare your own delicious "sun" dried tomatoes, dried meat and other foods that need a little more sunshine to get the right taste and consistency.

Drying in the shade is the right choice when it is necessary to dry the food by controlled temperature and air circulation. Great and ideal settings for raw recipes such as vegetable chips, fruit plaques, etc. Thanks to an improved temperature control system, it can be controlled and maintained throughout the drying process.

In addition, both drying programs can be set manually or automatically . The Yden CI IR D5 dryer is the only one on the market equipped with a moisture sensor that monitors the residual moisture content of the food during the drying process and adjusts the time and temperature settings for optimum drying results. Do not know the ideal settings for each type of food? Do not worry - just set the automatic mode and the dryer will take care of it. Drying food has never been so easy!

Stainless steel drying trays
The Yden CI IR D5 Solar Dryer is equipped with 5 high-strength and hygienic stainless drying trays, a plastic drip tray, and optional silicone liners for solution drying and puree. Thanks to the circulation system, the trays are not required to achieve uniform drying of the raw materials.

Based on the experience of our customers with whom we have tested the dryer before placing them on the market, it is the best dryer that they have had the chance to test. (They know and test or use our other models of tumble dryers).
NIR (Near Infrared Ray) is an infra red light of a short wavelength of 0.75-3 micrometers, located outside the infra red spectrum.

Infrared radiation is generally used in industry or medicine due to much higher thermal efficiency than visible light or ultra violet beams.

When the dryer is equipped with an infrared heater that emits longer wavelength than is visible in the visible heater, the radiation penetrates deep into food and promotes evaporation by increasing the osmotic pressure of the moisture. This results in faster drying and minimizing the destruction of nutrients in food. The reflective stainless steel surface on the back of the Yden IR D5 door reflects both light and thermal energy and allows even drying thanks to the diffuse reflection effect. This innovation reduces energy consumption, increases efficiency and shortens drying time. Thanks to the use of infrared irradiation, the IR D5 dryer can optimize the drying process of a variety of raw materials.

You can choose the following drying options:
1) SOLAR MODE "in the sun" (use of NIR)

  • thanks to the longer wavelength of NIR infrared beams, the food is dried more efficiently both inside and outside,
  • foods store more nutrients,
  • drying time shortens, foods are evenly dried and have a better taste.

2) THERMOSTAT MODE "in the shade"

  • effective for food fermentation (yogurt preparation, etc.).

3) AUTOMATIC setting


  • convenient use without setting time and temperature.

4) MANUAL setting

  • allows manual setting of time and temperature.


Here's a video tutorial to watch.

Drying process - video

Comparison of dried foods before and after - video


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