Hazelnuts of Greek hay seeds bio

The Coward is also called the "treasure of the Pharaohs." That such a nickname boasts the right, will convince you of its versatile use. Beautiful smell will be in the snow when it reminds you of the smell of curry. You can relish it after a few days, ranging from tiny germs, short shoots with primal yellow leaves, to shoots with leaves that will be shining brightly in the light. The fennel is used in chutney, in egypt in Egypt and in India even as a substitute for coffee. Fenugreek seeds should be germinated in a nozzle with a sieve. The package contains 120g. GB – BIO–002 Store in a dry and cool place.

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Appropriate tools to nail polish:

Glass nozzle with sieve
Set of two nozzles with drip tray and tray
Set of three nozzles with drip tray and tray

How to do it

Soak the seeds for 6 - 8 hours in water, rinse and place in a clean bowl. Bake for 2 days in the dark and then for 2-4 days to light. Do not forget to rinse in clean water twice a day. This is how the keys will be beautiful and healthy. Do not expose the spikes to high temperatures (preferably 18 to 20 ° C), excessive humidity or direct sunlight!
Spread the shoots as soon as possible. store them for at most two or three days in the fridge - otherwise they will burn.

Why eat the sprouts

Sprouts and sprouts are a real nutritional treasure . They contain a lot of vitamins , minerals and enzymes . Especially in winter and spring, our organism is endangered by insufficient intake of fresh quality vegetables. Plant germs represent a simple and inexpensive way to enrich the diet of "green vitamins" during this period.

Sprouting Seed - Factory for nutrients

During the germination process, metabolic processes begin to develop in the seeds, which give the young plant enough nutrients. They activate enzymes and increase the content of vitamins , especially B and C, several times in them . The starches are converted into sugars, the proteins are cleaved to amino acids and fatty acids for fatty acids. Chopped seeds also contain large amounts of iron and magnesium.

Keys are a natural concentrate of health benefits, and they are much richer than dry seeds. Grain dry seeds of cereals and legumes are also hard for us to digest. Larger sprouts are also the source of chlorophyll, which has beneficial effects on the human organism.