Green Kitchen books – set of 3

Edition of all previously translated books Green Kitchen by Luis Vindahl and David Frenkiel into Czech language by Markéta Pavleje. Now you have the option of the entire whole at a discounted price.

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The book is the work of Luis Vindahl and David Frenkiel - life partners, who present over 100 favorite recipes. Discover a cookbook full of wonderful, colorful and very tasty recipes that will enchant you with its ease. In addition, this beautiful book is interwoven with stunning photos, and very quickly becomes an inspiration for enjoying food that is beneficial to body and soul.

Luise and David are parents of three young children, and like all parents, they struggle with their little boarders every day in order to feed them healthy. The book contains many inspirational recipes that you can use to prepare your little ones, as well as practical and innovative tips and ideas to make your family dinners more enjoyable. You will find many recipes, each of which you can easily adapt to the adult or even vegan version.

Favorite author and marriage duo, Luise Vindahl and David Frenkiel again bet on modern and inspiring recipes complemented by charming photographs and unique styling. Recipes are quick and easy, so they can be cooked during a busy week. You will be entertained by their variety, you will feel great after them and they will fall in love with sworn carnivores.