Gastrokrouzek – We have a meal

An extraordinary chef of friends, bloggers and gourmets who combined food captures the ten unique meetings of the Gastrokrouzek. You will find not only the eradicated recipes from all the events, but also the inspiration to enjoy life together with friends and good food. Lukáš Hejlík, author of Gastromapy and Scroll, can do everything. You can look forward to the blogger recipes Marketa Pavle (Kitchenette), Jana Kralikova (Basically Healthy), Marika and Jirka Kucova (Kitchen Story), journalist Darina Křivánková (Reflex, FOOD) and, of course, Lukáš's. They started to cook in the school cafeteria, in the farms, on Easter to Lukáš on the cottage, in the autumn on the vineyard, in the winter on the mountains, on a summer party on a houseboat or on a barbecue on the horse's field. And they were not alone – the drinks were mixed by a great bartender, George Němec, cooked with us by Katka Podoláková (Taste of place), cakes Stáňa Mutlová (Punk Rock Cakes) and Šárka Divácká (Sorry, bake otherwise), chefs Jana Bilíková (Ambi) and Přemek Forejt (Entrée) and many other guests. Look forward to the 80 recipes you'll definitely want to try and the atmosphere you want to experience. Lucie Fenclová captured everything in the pictures. SELECT AND INSERT IN THE BASKET CAN BE VARIANT OF BOOKS WITH THE AUTHORS 'SIGNS WITHOUT WITHOUT WARRANTY.

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Sit down comfortably, take a deep breath and scroll through all the photos ... I chose it for you, especially to bring you the atmosphere of the whole book you captured. Most of the authors, a little show of recipes and also to help them somewhere in the world, because most of them did not appear in the book anymore. I hope you love the book like me and you will find fresh inspiration.