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Fragrant candle in glass Neck wine Black magic–chocolate flavor 220 ml

Candles have this amazing property, not only to eat, but also to quench home and create a magical atmosphere. These handmade Munio Candela candles in Latvia are environmentally friendly and very gentle because they are made of 100% soy wax. Candles are nontoxic and burn much more cleanly than those that use paraffin. This candle is placed in a can, which was made from recycled wine bottles and smelled of chocolate. After the candle burns, the glass can be used for wine or as a vase. Volume: 220 ml Size: 7.5 x 19 cm Composition: 100% soy wax Burning time: up to 30 hours Allow the candle to burn for a maximum of 3–4 hours. Do not leave it in the reach of children.

Brand: Munio Candela

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Munio Candela uses only 100% soybean wax in its products. This is a great, non-toxic alternative to paraffins, which are a by-product of the oil industry, and can cause carcinogens such as toluene or benzene to burn. Another advantage of soy wax candles is that this wax burns more slowly, is naturally biodegradable and can be cleaned with water and soap.

Munio Candela is a family business that was born in Latvia in 2008. Its founders, Dexter and Elina Cima, had a clear goal from the beginning - returning to their nature - which we often forget in modern times. So they began to produce ecological candles with a story that create beautiful home warmth.