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Embossed roller "Bat"
Embossed roller "Bat" Embossed roller "Bat"

Embossed roller "Bat"

The rollers of the Polish brand Valek Rolling Pin offer a wide range of motifs to suit your traditional desserts or sweets. The rollers can be used for dough, marzipan or other coating material. Printed biscuits, gentle linseed sweets or marzipan–cake–like cakes will have a distinctive charm and will not only delight young children. Working with a roller does not require any special experience.

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Diameter: 6 cm
Length: 45 cm (26 cm embossed area)
Material: beech wood

The rollers are made in Poland from first-class beechwood. The pattern is engraved with a laser.
It is a product made of natural material and therefore small imperfections can occur on the roller.
After use, clean the brush thoroughly with a brush, then rinse it with lukewarm detergent water, rinse and dry thoroughly. Treat the roller with vegetable oil, it will last you for as long as possible.
Tips for working with a roller:
  • Before leaving the dough, do not forget to quench it. When you roll the dough, take a break several times and recite the dough repeatedly.
  • First, dissolve the dough on a sheet approximately 5-8 mm thick. Before you begin to extrude a pattern, make sure the dough is slightly wrinkled. Alternatively, you can easily roll the roller. We do not recommend marzipan or fondant, replacing flour with powdered sugar.
  • The roller is not intended for kneaded dough or dough containing too much baking powder or edible soda. The pattern would just disappear in the oven.
  • If you want to have a more prominent pattern, sprinkle the dough with baking powder or powdered sugar before baking.
  • Enjoy it and wish your products are beautiful!