Ecological mat ASAHI

The ecological yogamat Dhaara ASAHI is a mat that will fully support you in yoga practice and will not harm our planet. Natural rubber is gently and sustainably obtained from trees outside the endangered Amazon, in combination with eco micofiber it has perfect anti–slip properties and it really lasts long enough. Each piece is unique in its pattern.
The mat does not slide under cold or slightly sweaty hands or on the floor. The rubber surface has a cellular structure that does not absorb sweat, so bacteria do not multiply on it. It is light and comfortable to carry.

The pad is recyclable and decomposes without residue. No toxic substances or adhesives were used during the harvest.
The natural rubber abrasion disappears a few days after unpacking.
Surface: natural rubber
Dimensions: 183 x 61 cm
Thickness: 3,5 mm
Weight: approx. 2 kg

Brand: Dhaara

Code: asahi35

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1,890 Kč

Eco yogamat

Great anti-slip properties

Made without toxic substances

Material: natural rubber and ecological microfiber

Designed for moderately dynamic, warming forms of yoga, ashtang or power yoga, suitable for softer forms. We recommend using a towel for hot yoga.

Designed by yogis in Brno.



I live yoga, I like movement and I enjoy design. During my personal practice and yoga classes, a lot of yogamatics passed under my hands, but none of them had the right smirk. Some slipped, others glued, stinked, or began to crumble and disintegrate after half a year. Just horror and horror. Changing the yoga mat every year doesn't really help nature. That's why I decided not to let it go. The first collection of beautiful, ecological and at the same time functional yoga mats was soon with the help of my amazing man in the world.