Earrings with aquamarine - silver

Earrings with aquamarine – silver

Aquamarine symbolizes courage, suppresses stress and calms the mind. He can break old self–defense programming and help take responsibility for his own destiny. It sharpens intellect and receptivity, clears blocked communication and improves self–expression. Aquamarine in Feng Shui represents the energy of water, the energy of silence, the power of calm and purification.
Kunzite helps to express oneself freely, cleanses old emotions, improves mood during periods of emotional problems and depression. It restores innocence to those who had to grow up too quickly. It calms anger, nervousness and fear. It promotes concentration, helps attract love.

Material: aquamarine, silver 925/1000
Size of crystal: 7mm – 1 cm

2,659 Kč
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Brand: Tiger Frame

The Tiger Frame brand is a beautiful combination of instinctual design and careful artistry – a spontaneous sketch transformed into eye-catching jewellery to treasure forever. Komala’s signature work is inspired by mysterious creatures – the tiger and the horse – and sparkling femininity – the stars at night and the sun as she rises. Her saddle rings and pull through earrings have become best sellers, and her delicate airmail collection reminds each wearer that home is where the heart is.

Tiger Frame invites every woman to travel further and come back stronger, to walk tall with a glint in her eye and the wind in her hair. Modern nomad, stylish eccentric, beautiful dreamer. Like the fleeting glimpse of a Tiger in the wild, these pieces are strong yet delicate, timeless and stunning.