Drip ceramic tray to the nozzles

A ceramic, white drip tray that holds two or three glass jars with a strainer or racks, which you can also find in our store. Sprouting is easier and more sophisticated. It fits into your kitchen as well as a beautiful addition, in which you spice your healthy and delicious sprouts. We offer the bags in two variants, two or three glasses at the same time. Dimensions: twin – 23.5 x 12.5 x 3 cm triplets – 32.5 x 12.5 x 3 cm

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390 Kč - 409 Kč

Put the seeds in a glass sink and pour water. Put the sieve on the glass and leave the seeds 8-12 hours in the water. Then pour the water, place the nozzle in the stand and place it on a ceramic tray. Rinse 2x - 3 times a day with fresh water, ideally in the morning and in the evening.

Why eat the sprouts

Sprouts and sprouts are a real nutritional treasure . They contain a lot of vitamins , minerals and enzymes . Especially in winter and spring, our organism is endangered by insufficient intake of fresh quality vegetables. Plant germs represent a simple and inexpensive way to enrich your diet with "green vitamins" during this period.


Sprouting Seed - Factory for nutrients

During the germination process, metabolic processes begin to develop in the seeds, which give the young plant enough nutrients. They activate enzymes and increase the content of vitamins , especially B and C, several times in them . The starches are converted into sugars, the proteins are cleaved to amino acids and fatty acids for fatty acids. Chopped seeds also contain large amounts of iron and magnesium.

Keys are a natural concentrate of health benefits, and they are much richer than dry seeds. Grain dry seeds of cereals and legumes are also hard for us to digest. Larger sprouts are also the source of chlorophyll, which has beneficial effects on the human organism.