Dita Pecháčková – Deník Dity P. – Kuchařka 2

The cookbook with the number 2 diary Dity P., as the author himself writes, loses you and never lets you. He laughs and gets touched. It turns fantasy, and perhaps makes you think about how much cooking "makes" life. The new cook is the sequel to the first. Cookbook 2 The Dity P. diary is rewritten and cooked with love. The book was created by the creators: photographed by Jiří Turek, graphic design by Zuzana Lednická from Studia Najbrt. Dita P. stood for the last word Rok and month of issue: 2015/06 Pages: 320 Binding: Paperback Format, weight: 247 × 280 mm, 1774 g

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Amazing recipes go along with Ditin's real story: The single girl is finally married and soon she writes, cooks, and mainly uncooked food from the chapter I'm pregnant. She sets up with her husband Under the tent to practice how it will be with David. His Nesting, when he turns the apartment upside down, accompanies regular meals for men. He remembers his first concrete home in the Panelstory, grills on Lodi's Fools, goes to Italy and to Slovakia. Everywhere is looking for food, the best in the world. In the kitchen, with his whole big and new small family, he will eventually welcome the little David.