Cup on ristretto – Perceptions

The ristretto cup is made of glazed porcelain and its shape is inspired by Czech cubism in ceramics. It fits perfectly with the other dishes we also offer and creates a repeating three–dimensional pattern. You can also use it as a liqueur for your favorite delicious alcoholic drink. This unique porcelain, made by Svetlana Kozenová, the author of this geometric jewel, shows that Cubism can still be established and that it has a place even in modern times.

Brand: Vjemy

Code: Vjli

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595 Kč

You can also wash in a dishwasher or use it in a microwave oven.
Dimensions: diameter 6cm, height 5cm, volume: 0.05l

VJEMY, formerly VJEM, was created in 2013 and is made up of the design and architectural trio - brothers Adam and Samuel Cigler and Svetlana Kozenová.

These Czech artists, who have chosen to promote their products with great respect for the creation, are looking for aesthetics in simplicity and clean geometry. They also focus on testing innovative practices.