Crown Berkey – 2 filter inserts

The Crown Berkey range is ideal for medium and large collectives in families, work, interest groups, smaller restaurants, outdoor activities, etc. With eight filter inserts, it filters up to 20 liters per hour. Thanks to their independence from electricity and water supply, they are fully usable also for traveling and outdoor activities. This filter is good in urgent cases of danger or emergency, when you need to get water from uncontrolled sources. Container volume: 22.7 l

Brand: Berkey ( New Millenium Concepts )

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11,990 Kč
Berkey Bottom , Upper Container and Two Berque Filter Inserts need no pressurized water. With gravity as its only tool, water from the top vessel filters down into the  bottom vessel with the metering valve.
The price of water from the Berkey filter is a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Two Berkey filter cartridges filter up to 22,700 liters of water and last for several years! It is the cheapest filtered water on the market.
This powerful system will clean both treated and untreated water from sources such as lakes, streams and ponds, or public water in countries where there are not too strict regulations for drinking water quality. Portable water filters are ideal for everyday use at home, for drinking water in holiday homes (chalets and cottages) and for outdoor activities. They are absolutely indispensable in an environment where untreated water, pressurized water or electricity are not available.
Water filter system   Crown Berkey®   removes viruses, pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites, as well removes water from harmful substances
Filtration also eliminates the content of rust, mud, sediment, water is rid of unpleasant taste and odor, as well as harmful heavy metals such as lead and mercury. The system is so powerful that it can remove the red food dye from the water while preserving the health benefits of the minerals needed for your body. No other system achieves such efficiency.
Water filters   Crown Berkey®   are made of highly polished stainless steel for food purposes ( AISI 304 (1.4301)), which is used in the food, dairy, brewing and viticulture industries, chemical industry, healthcare and cosmetics and other fields. This type is chromium-nickel austenitic steel and its composition meets the standard for the use of products for food and drinking water. Steel is resistant to corrosion, water, steam and air humidity and resists weathering) and comes with two to eight filter inserts   Black Berkey® , which use the latest water purification technology. The volume of water in this system is 22.7 liters, the chamber height is 76.2 cm and the diameter is 28 cm. The upper chamber is located inside the lower chamber during transport.
If the system contains two filter inserts   Black Berkey® , filters out about 5 liters per hour. * This system can be expanded by a further 6 filter inserts, so it can filter up to 20 liters per hour. *
(* Values ​​are based on practice, which can differ significantly from laboratory tests The calculation of the flow according to the laboratory tests is based on the full upper chamber.For two filter inserts, the volume of the filtered water is about 22.7 liters per hour, with 8 filter cartridges up to 98 liters per hour.)
, such as herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, organic solvents, radon 222 and trihalomethanes.