Cover for CIAO and 5 MINUTES

Cover for CIAO and 5 MINUTES

The protective cover for the Alfa furnace is the best protection for your outdoor furnace. The packaging is intended and specially designed for models of CIAO, 5 MINUTES ovens. It is specially designed for each model and made of technical fabric that protects it from atmospheric corrosion and normal wear and tear. The cover is waterproof yet breathable to allow air to pass through to reduce moisture and prevent mold. Available for all Alfa wood or gas outdoor stoves. If you want to extend the life of the outdoor oven, we recommend hiding it in an enclosed space or under a canopy after covering it with a wrap, especially in the winter months.

You can find this product, along with others, in the "Order–to–order" category. The delivery time is 3–5 days according to the supplier's options.

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Brand: Alfa
Code: AFR-10047


About the brand

Alfa was founded in 1977 by Rocco Lauro and Marcello Ortuso. It is currently run by the second generation of the family. During that time, Alfa has developed into a leader in its industry. Over the last ten years, they have sold more than 500,000 ovens worldwide, which are a symbol of family and gathering.