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Chopped Serving Spoon "This home runs on love, laughter & Prosecco"

We are honored to introduce you beautiful silver–plated cutlery from the works of British sister couple La de da! Living. These beautiful cutleys with engraved words are an opportunity to originally delight yourself and your closest ones, and conjure up a smile on your lips for a common breakfast or coffee. It is up to you to give yourself and your close spoon a quote for an even more beautiful day, for example, or choose a cutlery that will always remind you of the most beautiful and most important moments of life. The size of the spoon is approximately 20 – 22 cm. Cutlery is silvered, each letter is hand–embossed, so small differences are not a defect. Just as well, the shape of the handle or the decorative elements of each cutlery may vary slightly because it is a vintage piece.

Brand: La de da! Living

Code: SS051

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Silver-plated cutlery can not be washed in the dishwasher, the manufacturer recommends only fine handwashing.

Handmade vintage cutlery from Great Britain.

La de da! Living is a company based on love for originality, quality and tradition. After sisters Rita and Dominique have won the prestigious British "The Best Shop" award, they have begun to expand their line of original products and now you can also find silverware, various original candles and candles in addition to silverware. Just everything beautiful that you can give yourself and your loved ones.

La de da! Living, thanks to its uniqueness and quality, has gradually become a firm place among companies engaged in similar production of vintage cutlery and household accessories.