Cacao Van Houten Robust Red Cameron

Cocoa Powder Robust Red Cameron has an intense chocolate flavor with bitter tones and distinctive red color obtained from red Cameroon beans. The blend is made of the highest quality cocoa and will be appreciated by all chocolates, confectioners as well as lovers of traditional cocoa beverage.

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459 Kč

Nutritional value per 100 g of product:
Energy value -----------------1548 kJ/370 kcal 
Total Fat -----------------------------21 g 
Of which saturated fatty acids --------------------12,6 
Carbohydrates ------------------------------- 8,9 g 
Of which sugar--------------------0,4 g 
Total protein ---------------------19,4 g 
Salt---------------------------------------- 0,04 g 
Cocoa powderCameron, regulator acidity E501i.