Box Tote Beige
Box Tote Beige

Box Tote Beige

Penco's Box Tote Beige is a sturdy, rectangular–shaped bag that doubles as a storage box. It provides a sufficient amount of storage space while in use, and folds away flat and compact when emptied. Use it at home to store anything from magazines to children's toys, or keep it in your car for shopping and outdoor adventures.

Measures: 37 x 25 x 25 cm
Material: Made from polyester

1,189 Kč
Availability: In stock
Brand: Penco
Code: EZ048-BE

Penco is a stationery brand founded on a single ballpoint pen. As the Americana inspired name suggests, PENCO is a company making pens. That is, it started with a single ballpoint pen. By now their nostalgic analog collections encompass stationery ranging from clips to clipboards, notebooks to console boxes and pencases to, well… pens. PENCO is a Hightide brand, and their attention to design can be seen throughout the entire Hightide range of casual everyday stationery.